Well that Decade went by Quickly!

At the time, 10 years ago, the decision to set up Stuart+Carlyon seemed like a step into the unknown.

At the time, 10 years ago, the decision to set up Stuart+Carlyon seemed like a step into the unknown. Moving from PwC, where we shared a combined 21 years of experience, to establish a boutique financial advisory firm was in part an act of faith, and in part a reaction to the business model that continues to dominate the financial service industry. This is the product-focused commission-based model that rewards the placement of client funds into various this or that fund. Our view, which we still adhere to, is that a better way to serve the needs of clients is to develop financial plans that are more bespoke, more holistic.

Our strength lies not just in creating tailor-made investment portfolios that sit comfortably with clients’ circumstances, but in delivering financial plans that help clients achieve their life goals.

Perhaps this explains why many of our catch-ups and portfolio review meetings end up being conversations about travel, or new endeavours.

That difference has clearly resonated, and it was with great pleasure that in February we could celebrate 10 years in business: the occasion, a well-attended celebration at Italia Square. For us the sternest test came four years after we opened our doors: the months that followed the global financial crisis in late 2008. During that period our financial advice proved sound, and our

avoidance of finance companies and CDOs (Collateralised Debt Obligations), certainly shielded our clients from the failures that littered the New Zealand investment landscape. What has gratified us has been the wonderful vote of confidence from our clients. Because of our personalised and professional service, we get referrals from existing clients, accountants and

solicitors and our business has grown through word of mouth without the need to advertise.

We very much value the trust you put in us. We are truly fortunate to work with a broad range of wonderful clients with a zest for life.

Messages from clients

“I won’t be able to make your 10 year celebration but Ijust wanted to say  congratulations, I’m very glad you’re in business and I’m your client!”
“Congratulations to Susanna & Deborah on their achievements of which they can be justly proud. My personal thanks to Susanna who has guided us with true professionalism.”
“The ten years has gone by so fast. I always enjoy the experience of being in touch with all of you, each one of you are a credit to the business. It is a pleasure to work with honest and ethical individuals that you can place your trust in.”
“Your success is amply demonstrated to us in what you have done for us Deborah and the integrity and care you bring to your role.”