How we work with you

We are guided by the process that the global Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) has set out for Certified Financial Planners.

Complete transparency

The Financial Planning Standards Board defines financial planning as a process of developing strategies to help people manage their financial affairs to meet life goals.

By working on a fee basis, we keep all steps transparent – we are not driven by the hidden commissions or incentives that would compromise our belief in truly independent advice.


Initial consultation

An initial consultation involves meeting with you to discuss your present situation and what you hope to achieve. We collect information, then follow up with a Letter of Engagement which outlines what we will cover in a Financial or Investment Plan and estimated cost.

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Advice & strategy

In the Plan we will:

  • Assess your financial position and objectives
  • Address your objectives and goals
  • Provide strategies and recommendations.

We will meet with you to present and discuss the plan as well as finalise the action points.

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In the plan, we will identify what action is required and who is responsible for implementing the recommendations. This stage may involve other parties including your lawyer, accountant, insurance broker, banker or mortgage broker. Our ability to co-ordinate the parties is a useful part of our service.

The recommendations that relate to your investment strategy will be actioned by Stuart Carlyon and will typically involve setting up a portfolio account for the money you have available to invest. Any commissions, if any, are rebated to you

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Ongoing review

For clients with money to invest, our Investment Management Service will manage, and monitor your investments and will report to you on a regular review basis. These points of regular contact provide an opportunity to consider any adjustments due to changes in your circumstances, changes in the legal, taxation or investment landscape.

For clients building their wealth, we recommend a regular review of your financial situation to keep you on track to achieving your goals. This can be on a consultation basis at your behest.

Investment Philosophy
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I really wanted to tell you that I'm very grateful I came to see you all those years ago in 1987.

What can I expect to pay?

Our hourly rate is $300 plus GST.

Initial consultation

Allow an hour for this important first step.

Advice including plans/strategies

Financial plans reflect the scope of our advice required and the complexity of your situation. We will provide the plan fee estimate in an engagement letter after that first meeting.


Depending on the recommendations made in the plan, implementation will be carried out by various parties including your lawyer, your accountant, your insurance broker, or banker. As your financial adviser we can liaise with any party on your behalf. We implement the investment part of your Plan.

Investment Management Service

For clients with a portfolio, we charge a retainer fee which covers investment monitoring, administration and reporting; general financial advisory services; and liaising with other professionals such as accountants and solicitors. A review of your overall financial situation is included in this retainer. The cost is usually expressed as a percentage of funds under management but is scaled to reflect time engaged. It includes the cost of the custodian who holds your money in trust.  The retainer fee  is paid from your portfolio account monthly and is fully tax deductible.

Ongoing Advice and Reviews

If you are not subscribed to our Investment Management Service, we charge on a consultation basis when you require a review.

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